About us

  Al Jones, an entrepreneur from a young age, noticed that when it came to hustlin', a lot of people were chasing their goals, but often fell short of following through. Understanding that feeling, Alphonzo wondered if the process of giving up had anything to do with having an unprepared mind. To test this theory, Al came up with a list of goals that he would accomplish during a 30-day time frame. He also convinced his friends to join in. 

Prior to the start, Al prepared his mind by reading, studying, listening to positive coaches, reciting affirmations, and exercising. Not to his surprise, Alphonzo was able to stick to his goals, while unfortunately, his friends were not. HustleMynd was formed shortly thereafter!

Also, all of our products featured on our stores website are designed to encourage every hustler to hustle from start to finish!  Also, all the products in our store are premium quality. We have been in business for over 2 years and counting. Overall, we want to continue to motivate hustlers to go after their goals, and be the best versions of themselves.